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    Barrier protection when it counts

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    We're out there with you.

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    Innovative color and style

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    Protection from the elements

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    Protecting those that protect us

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    Fabrics for today’s contemporary styles

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    Fabrics with a sustainable twist

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    Making sure everyone goes home.

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    Protection on the road

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    Enhancing your office appeal

ITG [ International Textile Group ] is a diverse, innovative provider of global textile solutions and distinguished fabric brands to automotive, apparel, interior furnishing and industrial markets worldwide. While excellence is the common thread that weaves throughout ITG, it is the uniquely combined threads of a global manufacturing platform, innovative products, state-of-the-art systems, and a dynamic team of forward-thinking professionals that create unparalleled opportunities and competitive advantages for our customer partners.


Burlington Labs discovers, implements and promotes proprietary emerging technology within Burlington, International Textile Group (ITG) and its global partners, providing a continuous stream of differentiated products to the marketplace

Cone® 3D refers to denim, design, and development. By focusing these key elements within a scientific, yet creative environment, Cone® 3D acts as a research incubator of new technologies taking product innovation to the next level.marketplace

Sustainable Story

Sustainability – it’s the new buzz word – what does it  really mean?  Our approach is simple, functional, and timeless.  Sustainability involves using methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources. Ensuring that we make products that meet today’s needs without compromising future generations is important to ITG.

This core value resonates across our operations, processes, and products and is reflected in the innovations and styles we bring to our customers and ultimately the consumer.  ITG operates its business in a manner that protects the environment, minimizes the footprint of our operations, and promotes responsible stewardship of natural resources.   We recognize environmental protection as a sound business practice that conserves resources, reduces potential liability and safeguards employees and the community.